Harrow Radio broadcast an hour-long programme in October 2016 featuring 4 local people who have type 1 diabetes including (L-R) their presenter Pierre Petrou, James Byers, myself and Matt Pulford.  Have a listen!  It was great fun taking part and it’s fascinating to hear how we each manage things differently….

Harrow Radio: Living with Diabetes



What does the 2015/16 NIHR NHS Research Activity League Table mean to patients?  I describe the many research activities I’ve taken part in and the benefits for me personally and for the clinicians who organise these projects.


Working with NHS England (London) to give a patient’s perspective on how services for people with diabetes can be improved:  this little video was filmed to help promote the London Diabetes Strategic Clinical Leadership Group‘s work via Twitter, as part of #DiabetesLDN month in July 2016.  (Volume low so turn this one up!)


Talking About Diabetes (or for Tweeters, #TAD) in March 2016 was an event for people with type 1 to hear others tell their stories and share their insights about how to live well and happily with type 1.  Here’s my talk (25mins).


Do listen to all of the talks when you’ve time – very inspiring to hear Joe Eldridge, Anne Cooper, Laura Cleverly (Ninjabetic),  Weston Nordgren, Jamie Reed MP and Richard Lane tell their tales.


Discussion about diabetes in the media and the stigma often caused by and associated with inaccurate portrayals of type 1 and type 2.  Recorded at the #GBDOC Conference in February 2015 following a group discussion about this difficult issue.


Channel 5 TV News featuring the Government’s Public Accounts Committee report into diabetes in January 2016.  I discussed the importance of empowering and inspiring people with diabetes to learn how to manage their condition through structured education and online peer support #GBDOC #ourD.


Video of the fabulous Animas Sports Weekend in 2014 (scroll down this linked page for video!).  I’m told the weekends will run twice a year from 2016.

And this one below was put together by ‘Insulin Independent’ (AKA Anna) showing how people with type 1 diabetes gather each year to learn about blood glucose management and sport/exercise with Dr Ian Gallen.  Lots of wonderful friends from the #DOC feature here!


Lis interviewed by Danielle Hargengrader (of Unleash your inner Diabetes Dominator fame).