Diabetes UK Roadshows

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Volunteering on the Diabetes UK Roadshow in Greenwich (above) is hard work but also great fun (when the sun shines that is)! 

#TAD 2016


#TAD2016 panel facilitator Dr Peter Hindmarsh with Laura Cleverly, Joe Eldridge, Weston Nordgren, Lis Warren, Richard Lane OBE, Anne Cooper & Jamie Reed MP.  Below: Dr Partha Kar and Justin Webb 



March 2016 presentation Talking About Diabetes (#TAD2016) at Imperial College in London, organised by Dr Partha Kar, with the Radio 4 journalist, Justin Webb.  Demonstrating the Palmer Injector ‘gun’ I used for injections in the 1960s (and yes, it went deep and did hurt, but I still loved this gadget – see more below!)

Diabetes UK London Bridges Challenge


Medals awarded by Richard Lane OBE (former President of Diabetes UK) after completing the Diabetes UK London Bridges Challenge in 2015 with my friend Philippa.               Managed to raise £1,190 for the charity.  (See my Just Giving page for info)