INPUT – diabetes tech advice

Lesley Jordan, INPUT’s Chief Exec, talking to Dr Partha Kar

INPUT – the UK diabetes technology patient advocacy charity with a fantastic web site full of reliable, detailed info about access to insulin pumps and CGM. (NB in 2018, INPUT merged with JDRF UK. The web site remains separate fro the time being.)

It also includes  interpretations of NICE guidelines, comparisons of different kit, lots of other advice and regular social meet ups for those wanting to chat with others before taking the plunge into using a pump or CGM.  Highly recommended.

Links: Research opportunities


Research opportunities for people with diabetes are listed by Diabetes UK and JDRF.  I strongly believe that when practical, we have a duty to volunteer to take part.  I’ve learned so much from doing this, met some wonderful enthusiastic clinicians, had access to sophisticated tests not normally available on the NHS, been hugely motivated and also met lots of other diabetes soul mates this way.  Go for it! Research

#TAD 2016


#TAD2016 panel facilitator Dr Peter Hindmarsh with Laura Cleverly, Joe Eldridge, Weston Nordgren, Lis Warren, Richard Lane OBE, Anne Cooper & Jamie Reed MP.  Below: Dr Partha Kar and Justin Webb 



March 2016 presentation Talking About Diabetes (#TAD2016) at Imperial College in London, organised by Dr Partha Kar, with the Radio 4 journalist, Justin Webb.  Demonstrating the Palmer Injector ‘gun’ I used for injections in the 1960s (and yes, it went deep and did hurt, but I still loved this gadget – see more below!)