Health Innovation Network (HIN)

Health Innovation Network – is the Academic Health Science Network for south London.  They led a project I took part in to help improve access to insulin pump therapy in London, but lessons learned can be used anywhere!  A video can be viewed at the bottom of the linked page.

They also played a significant part in the development of a new ‘consultation tool’ which takes a giant leap away form the old style consultation where the only important things is one’s HbA1c.


Links: Research opportunities


Research opportunities for people with diabetes are listed by Diabetes UK and JDRF.  I strongly believe that when practical, we have a duty to volunteer to take part.  I’ve learned so much from doing this, met some wonderful enthusiastic clinicians, had access to sophisticated tests not normally available on the NHS, been hugely motivated and also met lots of other diabetes soul mates this way.  Go for it! Research