Getting what you need

There are dozens of blogs on this topic – we all want and need different things at different times in our lives.  So finding a doctor  with whom we’re happy ‘for life’ is a challenge we tackle repeatedly.  (I’ve already outlived the first two specialists I had in my teens and twenties!)   Here are some blogs I’ve found interesting and enjoyed on this topic.

Guilt: a major Diabetes Complication   A blog from A Sweet Life (USA based blogger) that didn’t exactly ‘help’ me but made me realise I’m not alone in feeling an incredible burden of guilt around my diabetes.  This extends to every aspect of live from what my care costs the NHS to how it affects my family.

By Appointment…  The Grumpy Pumper shares how for him, its all about feeling empowered.  His consultant “…is there to consult with, advise me, and, in my opinion, learn from my experience!   Not to tell me off or judge.”

A Patient’s Perspective – Dancing the Dance – written anonymously and published in the British Medical Journal, this one’s from someone who is well informed and really only uses their appointments to access the tools they need on a day to day basis.

Dear Doctor  – moving collection of letters from Ninjabetic to doctors at different times in her life.  “You looked at me and said the words So you’re my DKA?’.  No. I was not your DKA. I was your patient, with a name that was written down in front of you and you didn’t have the decency to call me by it.” 

Better Clinic Appointments from INPUTthe diabetes tech patient advocacy service, has some great practical advice about ‘changing the conversation’ and getting the most from your hospital visits.

Hand us the Microphone  – blog from Renza aka Diabetogenic in Australia making the point that hearing first hand from people LIVING  with diabetes can help healthcare professionals design and improve and services. As one with a drive to campaign for those without a voice, I  feel this one acutely. Far too much ticking of boxes when I enter the room, but then not actually listening or bothering to ask others.